Custom Wood Box Orders

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Use the information on this site to develop your custom box order from Gingrass Studio.


Custom Box Orders
Gingrass Studio will make wooden boxes to your specifications from one box to fifty. There are numerous options to consider before ordering your box or boxes. Popular options are listed below with photos to illustrate each one.

First is size. I need to know the exact interior dimensions that you would like your box or boxes to have inside.

Wood Thickness
I am happy to suggest how thick you might want your box sides and top to be, or you can tell me what you want.

Method of Joinery
I currently offer simple rabbet joints, miter joints, and box joints.

Type of Top

A Simple Drop-in Top

A Simple Lift-off Top

Lift-off Top with matching trim

Stopped Brass Hinges


Decorative Trim
Wood splines in a contrasting color wood are a very simple and attractive addition. Wood corner trims, also in a contrasting color wood add a finished look to the boxes. Full trim around all twelve edges of the box in a contrasting wood is the most decorative trim.

Wood Inlay
Tops can be inlaid with contrasting wood, including burl wood or Spalted burl wood.


Corners can be perfectly square, cut at 45 degrees, decoratively shaped, or rounded. Radius and ogee rounds from 1/8” to ½”. Chamfer up to 45% of wood thickness. Other shapes by special arrangement.

Chamfer bottom.


Bottom Treatment
By default, the bottom is lacquered. Cedar wood liner and chocolate brown ultra-suede also available. Leather  lners by special arrangement.

Cedar lined box for cigars

Brown Ultra-suede bottom treatment.

Interior trays add functionality to the box and increase storage area. Cedar lining for clothes boxes and humidors are also popular.

Custom box production begins with a set of pre-production prep steps before production can begin. After all your options have been chosen, I will set it up:

  • I will render the box in a three-dimensional drawing then calculate the amount of materials that the project will require.
  • For all boxes, including a single box, I will first make a test box to determine the exact size and milling required for each part of the box.
  • The set-up charge is $50.00 regardless of the number of boxes ordered, plus the cost to ship the test box to you for approval.

The cost of the wood is determined by the volume of wood (expressed in board feet i.e. 12” x 12” x 1”) multiplied by cost per board foot with a 10% allowance for error.

Standard finish is lacquer. For many hard woods, I suggest a layer of oil before the lacquer to accentuate the grain and figure. Oily woods like teak and mahogany do not take oil well. A polyurethane finish, although much more time-consuming to apply, provides additional protection from heat and moisture.

Labor for milling, shaping, assembling, sanding, and finishing is billed at $50.00 per hour.

Shipping is calculated using USPS rate tables based on size, weight, and distance.